Thursday February 15, 2007

I didn’t really think I had a position on the issue of pleats vs. flat-front pants – until today. There are those who feel strongly about this issue – you know who you are. I, however, have mixed feelings about this. I’m referring to guys’ pants as I’m fairly certain that females have abandoned pleats altogether – please warn me if you are aware of an up-and-coming cutting-edge fashion that features pleated pants for women. God help us. 

Nonetheless, I consider pleats a personal fashion preference and a style that should not be subject to any fashion “rules”.  Wear pleats till the cows come home – but today I discovered an exception and I’m afraid I am forced to put my foot down at……pleated denim.

There is a man in my class who wore pleated jeans today and it made me giggle. I usually don’t care what people wear as I don’t pretend to have much fasion sense (If it were socially acceptable to wear head-to-toe black every day — I would do it…) but the pleated jeans are too much. To add insult to injury – they are acid-wash. It’s too much. I wanted so badly to take a picture of this – and just couldn’t bring myself to be that blatant.  This will have to do…


I appreciate the response to the trivia questions – it really showcases the level of stimulation my readers are willing to sustain… Mindless trivia gets hundreds of hits and 6 comments in one day while musings of current events get heckling and demands for more trivia… I love it.

4 thoughts on “Thursday February 15, 2007

  1. Oh, I adore overheardinnewyork.  It’s all I talked about for, like, a month, there.  It makes me want to be a New Yorker.

    I’m Spring, btw.  I guess a mutual friend gave me your username as a reading suggestion.  I checked your blog out and liked it, so I subscribed.  I’m not a creeper, I promise.  :-)

  2. Oh, P.S. last time I went to Banana Republic, there were tons of pleat-fronted trousers for women.  I stayed far, far away.

  3. Oh, A.C.  What have you started??

  4. yeah, pleats are so gross.  i am not the person to say “how” a chick flick is.  i have major problems with realism in romantic comedies.  but it was what i expected and i enjoyed myself.  is that sufficient?  brian morgan in words and music.  *shudder*  nightmares.  :)

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