The 79th annual Academy Awards aired last night – in case you are living in a cave and are not aware. Those of you who know me know that this is a big night for me. Jeff suffers through it — this is our 3rd Oscars together — but I gently remind him that “Awards Show Season” only lasts a short time compared to, say Football Season (which seemingly lasts all year) or Golf Season (which literally lasts all year). He humors me, and last night he even humored my paying such close attention to even the most boring awards and marking up my ballot to keep track of my expertise.


My system of keeping track didn’t seem so complicated when I started, but I realized by the end of the show that it appears to be in secret code. To translate: The blue Xs are my original picks. The pink highlighted names are the winners in each category. And the big pink Xs are ones I got wrong. Clearly, I was prematurely confident that there would be fewer “wrongs” than “rights”, when I started indicating those…

Anyway – I won the pool! 15 out of 24 right! Yah me! I was 0 for 3 with Best Picture, Foreign Film, and Animated Feature — but I suspect everyone was…

Feel free to leave your congratulations in a comment.

The show itself was good. Ellen did a great job hosting, and the Cirque de Soleil-esque performers were a nice touch. At several points in the show, it kinda felt like “The Al Gore Show”, which was unexpected and weird — but, hell, he’s promoting a good cause – and Llaura would be proud. Ellen also announced at the beginning of the show that it was the most “international” Oscars ever – which is interesting. And Diet Coke ran several ads that were amazing.

Anyway – if nothing else – I am reminded that I need to go out and buy the Dreamgirls soundtrack!

2 thoughts on “Monday February 26, 2007

  1. Becky & I were actually in another room watching “An Inonvenient Truth” while the oscars were on… And may I just say- Al Gore deserved that oscar. 

  2. Congrats. Let me ask you: No Oscar for best foreign film on “Pan’s”? Give me a break… Also, “Superman” loses out on best effects? The damn “Academy” is paid off every year, I swear.

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