Mom and Dad came to visit this weekend – and I have pictures!  None of us can figure out how my parents have never managed to meet Keith and Don — after years of all of us being friends — afterall, Keith and Don have even met Tom and Erika! So we met up with the usual posse at Powerhouse Friday night.

  MomDadPresDayWknd 005_edited

MomDadPresDayWknd 009_edited

MomDadPresDayWknd 007_edited  

MomDadPresDayWknd 010_edited

MomDadPresDayWknd 011_edited

As we were taking pictures – my parents kept asking if they would make it to the blog – of course!

Saturday morning we met up with Richard and Keith for some Waffle House. You may remember my mentioning our waitress, Kate, in early blogs. Well, she waited on us Saturday – while being 9 months and 2 days pregnant! She’s probably had a baby girl by now!

Then we took Mom, Dad, and Chip to meet Ace!

 MomDadPresDayWknd 016  

MomDadPresDayWknd 024

MomDadPresDayWknd 022 MomDadPresDayWknd 020

That last one makes me laugh. Chip is scared to death of the camera and Ace has no appreciation for sitting still -this is the best picture I could get!

I took my parents to my office, showed them around, and tried to explain what it is that I “do”…   

Then! We went to the game - Go Hogs!

MomDadPresDayWknd 026_edited

MomDadPresDayWknd 027_edited

Mom chickened out of getting her picture made with Bubba Hog – that would definitely have made the blog!

We had such a good time – wish they could have stayed longer. This is the weekend that won’t end for me… I’m off again today!

Check out these and more pics in the “family” and “friends” photo albums.

2 thoughts on “Monday February 19, 2007

  1. Awww- wish I could’ve been there!

    And I LOVE that picture of Chip & Ace.  :)

  2. i love mom’s arm forcing chip into the picture…plus ace isn’t aware that his picture is being taken…very cute!

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