… there will be no Fun Friday today. I apologize for the inconvenience.

However, I do have some fun pictures for you. First up – photos from Brewski’s last weekend. The idea here was that, as we were leaving, Keith realized we hadn’t taken any pictures that night– so everyone attempted to line up and snap a group photo. Results are below. I believe the term is “herding cats”.

SNOW 004

SNOW 005

SNOW 006

SNOW 007

SNOW 008

SNOW 009

SNOW 010

SNOW 011

I don’t have my fancy red-eye-fixer at work so these pictures aren’t the best quality. But every time I look at them, I giggle at the idea that they would make a great flip-book.

SNow 014cropped


Family picture in the snow.


5 thoughts on “Friday February 2, 2007

  1. No fun friday because of inclement weather.  Now that’s just lame Sarah.

  2. What’s more fun than snow?!  I agree with Lisa…

    And I also love the family picture.  :)

  3. Awww… how coot!

  4. it looks like you have a nice fun group of friends to spend time with.
    i really like jeff’s hat.  it’s sort of  like you married indiana jones.  ;)

  5. Send me the family pic.  I really do like it. 

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