So during the last few months, there’ve been days it’s been what you might call “cold” here in Northwest Arkansas. In most places in this 1st world country of ours– that wouldn’t be an issue. However, at the NWA offices of Saatchi & Saatchi X — we are apparently behind the learning curve.

My desk is about 8 feet from a floor-to-ceiling window that is about 10 feet wide. There are two of these windows side-by-side. The draft that comes through that wall is literally like refridgeration and everyone in this wing of the building complains every time it’s cold — draft, yada yada, insulation, yada yada, space heaters… you get the picture. Well, the last few days have been especially cold and the temperature in here is pretty low — hard to type and whatnot. When people from different areas of the building come over — they always remark “Man, it’s cold over here” and everyone groans.

So this morning — several people in the area decided to combat the cold by bringing personal space heaters to put under their desks. Simple enough, right? Well, the building is not really wired to handle that – apparently – and not once, but twice this morning — the power went out. That’s right. I came in this morning, client meeting at 9:30, buyer meeting at 10:30 — 8:00-9:30 to finish prepping — and 2 power outtages that have taught me a valuable lesson on saving. Fantastic. So, our Building Manager comes over to check things out and discovers the problem. The windows… are OPEN. Apparently, there’s some sort of complicated interlocking system with the windows and even though they are “closed” at the bottom — they were more than a little open at the top. Since this discovery, it has been quite toasty in here.

Side bar: I am saddened by the fact that Mitch Mustain leaving the Razorbacks was not only “Breaking News” last night, but was on instead of  the news. I got home about 6:00 yesterday and when I left for Jazz about 6:45 – there had yet to be any actual news on — only press conferences, assumptions, gossip, and other random (and pointless) “interviews” with “Hog Fans” at the local roadkill cafe.

Basketball game tonight!

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