Wednesday January 10, 2007

So. This is where I went for lunch today–

Sarah 006

Those of you familiar with Springdale may recognize this as the corner of 412 and 71B and may or may not remember that this was once a gas station. They took out the gas pumps and turned the gas station into a restaurant– they still have the cooler doors full of pop along the walls and everything. According to my Art Director at work (who is from Guatemala) Chilango’s translates loosely into “armpit”. But I just found out from my friend David (who is from El Salvador) that it is a slang term for someone from Mexico City. I’m going with David’s translation…

Also of note – the following is a picture of Autumn and her drawing during a game of Pictionary last Friday at Game Night at Nancy’s.

Chilangos 002

 Cropped 002


In particular, I’d like you to concentrate on the drawing itself. There was some heated discussion Friday night and I’d like your input.

Is this a drawing of:


B. Mexican Police Officer

C. Mia Hamm

D. Other (Please provide your answer via comment)

6 thoughts on “Wednesday January 10, 2007

  1. Quite obviously B. Mexican Police Officer….!!!!!

  2. the earth and saturn? someone driving on saturn’s rings?

  3. Packman eating Saturn, obviously.

  4. I don’t have a clue…..

  5. The man in the moon? 

    We passed the 300 mark with our latest (31st) mission.  300 kilometers walked thus far in just over two months.  And now it is time for sleep.  Lots of it.

    Thanks for those email and mailing addresses.

    Love you,


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