I love LOVE the first day of school. Yes, I’m one of those kids. Don’t judge me.

I don’t know if I mentioned this yet or not, but I am going back to school this semester to get another degree –Accounting.  Saatchi is footing the bill (large incentive) and I’ve always been a little unsettled about not finishing that degree. I started my first upper-level Accounting class today — Financial Reporting & Analysis… which is as big and scary as it sounds. My book is 4 inches thick and cost $150 and the first thing my professor said in class this morning was “Just to be honest with you up front — the workload in this class borders on excessive.” Great.

Our first assignment was to play Monopoly in class today and record each transaction in a journal. Cash out for purchasing property… rent payments… taxes… etc. Sounds easy, and I’m sure it was for the majority of the class. I, however, landed in a group “with issues”. There are some things you just never realized that you’ve been taking for granted your whole life — for example, the rules of Monopoly (which, if I’m not mistaken has been around since the 30s!) I get in a group with another “non-Traditional” student (everyone’s favorite) and a girl from Russia who can’t even pronounce Monopoly. So while all the other groups in my class were trucking right along buying, selling, building houses — I was patiently explaining how to set up the game, what denominations of money we get, what the houses are for– you get the picture. Going to Jail really threw her for a loop– and we were the last group to finish.

But, all in all, I am excited about my class. I also knew going to the BA today that I couldn’t possibly get out of there without running into Dr. Norwood…. I’ve mentioned him before (maybe not by name) but he was my Advisor back when I first came to the UA and was an Honors Student, Walton Fellow, yada yada. Well, when I decided that my life would not end if I didn’t graduate with honors — I’m pretty sure that he wrote me off as a lost cause and was convinced I would never amount to anything. I see him every couple months or so and he always acts surprised to see me as if anyday he expects to find me huddled on a street corner strumming a guitar for quarters. He always asks me what I’m up to, shakes his head and mumbles about the drop-out rate of the Honors program, and then says “I’m glad everything’s going alright for you, Sarah.” It’s like he’s somehow disappointed that I am literate and successful- despite the fact I didn’t graduate with honors. I was pleased to tell him just how well things are going and that I am back to get another degree. He made some weird comment about how I will soon be making more money than him. One can only hope.

This weekend was nice. Friday night I (finally!) saw The Pursuit of Happyness which is phenomenal and I recommend it to everyone. In fact! I should recommend it to Dr. Norwood! That might shut him up about the Honors Program! Anyway, see it. It’s amazing.

Saturday, I watched the entire first season of Grey’s Anatomy. That’s right. I went to Jazz Saturday morning, got home around 10:15, turned on the DVD and watched 9 straight episodes of drama. I liked it more than I thought I would and cried about 20 different times — and am now considering rearranging my schedule so that I am home to watch it on Thursdays. I went to Angela’s last Thursday to watch and (having never seen it) was unbelievably confused.  I need to get through Season 2 (which is MUCH longer than Season 1) so I’ll be able to fully appreciate Season 3. But I think I’m a fan.

So, movie #2 this weekend — Alpha Dog. Story of Jesse James Hollywood (Johnny Truelove in the film) and the kidnapping and murder of 15 yr old Nicholas Markowitz. It’s the darkest movie I’ve seen since American History X, though at least AHX had an arguably happy ending. Alpha Dog is dark and disturbing, and just ok – as movies go. Worth seeing.

In other news, it is FREEZING here. As you may know, it is only marginally warmer inside our house than it is outside so I’ve become keen on layering — though we did turn on the heat for an hour or so this morning. Mom and Dad are supposed to be bringing us an electric blanket when they visit this weekend so that should help.

Check out Laura’s Blog – she is back from another adventure with lots of photos and stories to share.

Also, check out this link and post your score in a comment. Warning: It’s a nerd game.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday January 16, 2007

  1. Score: 70.27. Eastern Europe is hard!! I guess American kids don’t learn the Geography of eastern Europe because we only learn about the part of Europe that matters. I mean, uh…

  2. You did NOT go see a Justin Timberlake film. Seriously?

    It’s great to have you back in the college, though don’t worry–we would never dream of asking you to actually come say hello.

    Make that husband of yours turn the heat on! My mother was the same way until I sent Abby to her house in snow boots, a parka, mittens, a hat and earmuffs–then she got the picture.

  3. I played your game for about 20 minutes. My score got worse the more I played…what does that mean?!?!!

  4. I, too, love the first day of school!  However- our first day was canceled due to a crazy winter storm coming through San Antonio.  I’ve spent my day watching Little Women, Laws of Attraction, & Nine Months.  Good times…

    ps- thanks for the link.  :)

  5. 86/ 195 secs, is that good or bad…..   It is addictive…

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