Thursday January 18, 2007

Nothing particularly thrilling happened during the game last night — which Georgia won with a 3pt basket at the buzzer…

Perhaps more entertaining than the game was the usher assigned to our section. We’ve been going to the games for years now and we almost always sit in the same section behind the band near the student section. The usher, who we lovingly refer to as “The Nazi”, proudly wears his yellow “Event Staff 441” apron and regulates on people there to enjoy the ballgame. The nickname doesn’t hail from Adolf as much as from Seinfeld, but you get the picture. 

The Nazi takes the rules very seriously. Last night we watched him threaten to confiscate the camera of the girls behind us who were using flash photography during the game. Flash photography during a collegiate basketball game is no laughing matter. He usually stands at the entrance to the lower student section and while keeping his eagle-eye out for people putting their feet on the seat in front of them (I have to admit I have personally been reprimanded by The Nazi for this once before. I learned my lesson.) he stops each person walking down the stairs and grants them access to the lower section on a case-by-case basis.

We can’t hear the conversations he has with these poor saps, but we can see them pointing down into the section while trying to look as innocent as possible– no doubt with stories like “I was just down there, I went to the bathroom.” or “My friends are right there, see? Wave.” Some people make the cut, some people don’t.

After watching him closely last night, we gathered he’s a bit of a softie for girls as more of them got in than not. Other than that, though, he runs a tight ship.

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  1. the monopoly story made me laugh. you should have attended jbu.

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