Relatively uneventful weekend — the weather seems to be dampening the party lately. We should be back to normal soon. No worries.

On the way to Bill and Keith’s Friday night for the Brow Party, we stopped off at the liquor store where we encountered this bumper sticker in the drive-thru. I can’t resist sharing.

Jan 07 013 


Just when you think you may have seen it all… 







Here are a few pics from the party.

Jan 07 014_edited Jan 07 015_edited

Saturday brought a big win over LSU! And I have watched 11 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 in the last few days– I could do without the bloody “hospital” stuff (sorry Laura), but the drama is first-rate.

Mom and Dad didn’t get to come this weekend, but are penciled in for a weekend in February.

I finished this week’s homework for class, and I have to admit I’m a little concerned. It’s a difficult class to begin with, but on top of that – I haven’t had an Accounting class in 3 years or so. It took me longer to do Chapter 1 homework than I’m really comfortable admitting. I thought since I am focusing on only this class all semester – that I’d be fine, but I’m starting to realize it will be harder than I anticipated. If anyone has a basic accounting textbook laying around – send it my way.

Have a great week!

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