…the resurrection of Fun Friday!

Thrilled as I am with the level of participation in Friday’s trivia game, I have decided to bring back an old tradition. Fun Friday began back in the Orientation days, and the first one occurred September 21, 2001. Jenni and I (and Autumn and Shakti and Benji and Mohsen and Angela) decided to do something fun for Peter’s (20th!) birthday (September 23). Jenni, Aut, and I wore Tie-dye shirts and bought denim jackets with horses on the back shaped out of silver studs we found at Old Navy — to commemorate the occasion. (I wish I had a picture of this to load — it is classic. If you are in the UGPO, I believe Autumn has a picture in her office.) We had cake and a Pikachu pinata and everything else a proper birthday party should have.

Anyhow — we didn’t really know what we’d stumbled onto at that point, but Fun Friday had arrived and this was the day for which I learned how to draw pikachu. Other Fun Fridays included: Black-Fuzzy-Poster-Coloring-Contest Day, Bring-your-Own-Shot-Glass-to-Work Day (we took turns shooting various herbal teas we found at the gas station), Rootbeer-Bowling-and-Peanuts Day, Lottery-Ticket-Grab-Bag Day, and many more. There are some truly priceless pictures of all of this madness, but that was back before I had a digital camera and definitely before the blog. Sometime I’ll have to dig them out and scan them in for you.

Jenni and I would spend each week thinking of the activity for that Friday. After Mrs. Austin (our boss at that time) caught on to all the fun we were having and tried her best to squelch it– that only became additional motivation. This was also during the days of The Shaky-Head-Dog Fairies– but that’s a story for another time.

With all of that said, I have decided to bring the spirit of Fun Friday to my blog. Each Friday morning, I will post an interactive activity of some kind — something fun. Feel free to participate and I will post any results on Mondays. I have seen what the power of competition does to my readers…

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for — the answers to Friday’s Trivia Questions!

Geography: These two cities, located about 30 miles apart, recently combined their metropolitan areas and now total 10,000 square miles, the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country, after NY, LA, and Chicago. Which two cities are these? BALTIMORE/ WASHINGTON D.C.

Music: This pop-rock music singer and songwriter had his first hit in his own country in 1964, and worldwide hits since the early 70’s. His songs often contained political or social commentary, and he has been called the “first third world superstar.” What is his name? BOB MARLEY

World Affairs: What country is the world’s largest democracy? INDIA

Sports: One was a former Olympic gymnast who won the Gold in the 1984 Olympics, the other a perennial tennis champion. They were the first two women athletes to appear on the box of Wheaties cereal. Who are they? MARY LOU RETTON/ CHRIS EVERT

Potpourri: If you looked at a clock in the mirror and the time on the clock face appeared to read 8:20, what time would it be in reality? (Assume non-digital.) 3:40

The only prize I have to offer is my respect.

Becky and Laura: We are working within the confines of the Honor System. Deal.

Leah: I will need to be more thorough in my research! You are clearly way too smart for my trivia…

I love LOVE that everyone enjoyed this. You will see more Mindless Fun very soon!

4 thoughts on “Sunday January 28, 2007

  1. I am unbelievably pissed off that you posted this instead of something about Bizy’s.

  2. Ooo! I miss Bizy’s!  :(

  3. I’m sorry, but I would like a recount. I do not think the answer to the potpourri question is 3:40–it is clearly 4:40. Come on, now, tell us we’re right!

  4. Next time I see you, I’ll show you…

    Don’t question my trivia authority!

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