Two separate rants for you today.

1. Jury Duty. So I got a call from the Washington County Clerk’s office this morning on my work cell phone (??how they got that number, I have no idea??) telling me I am to report back to the courthouse at 8:45 tomorrow morning for jury selection. Fantastic. So I have to miss class and work tomorrow and spend another day sitting around with the other members of the Unluckiest Registered Voters in Washington County Club. The best news is that if I am selected – it’s 9 days of trial. Now that I know how this craziness works – I will be wearing my most comfortable clothes/shoes and bringing a good book to read. I was not ready for all the sitting around last time – and I did a lot of staring. All day I kept thinking – “I’m here strictly for material, and I have a feeling this is a potential gold mine.”

2. Credit Cards. Well, more accurately, my Arvest Check Card. My check card expires next month. The card clearly reads 02/07. Fine. So I knew this was approaching and kept expecting a new card in the mail. No new card. In the meantime, bills that automatically come out of the account through the card have been contacting me for a new CC number since that one expires soon. I contacted the bank a few weeks ago — they assured me I would get a new card in the mail 2 weeks prior to the expiration date and that the new card would expire 02/09. Fine.

So I wait for the new card. In the last week, my card has been declined as “expired” at 2 different places. Expired! I repeat – the card clearly reads 02/07. To complicate things, I have also changed my address in the last 2 weeks. I closed my PO Box (the mailing address listed with my bank) and have everything forwarded to the apartment. I have received 2 other pieces of mail from the bank forwarded to the house (one to Sarah Hood and one to Sarah Martin — that’s a whole different battle…) so I know it’s functioning. Still no card.

So I call the bank today and tell customer service what’s going on. The guy very matter-of-factly tells me that the card should be working normally since the date on the card is 02/07. Thank you Captain Obvious.  I explain to him that it is indeed not working and I’d like to know what my next steps should be. He orders me a new card and tells me it will be 7-10 business days before I receive it. In this day and age, NOTHING should take 7-10 business days. What exactly takes that long? It’s not the ordering – which I’m sure is 100% electronic and is instantaneous. It’s not the actual production of the card – they pop those babies out at the casino or the DMV in seconds. It’s not the shipping – which they should expedite for me anyway because it’s their screw-up.  What is it?? Someone should have to answer for that 7-10 business days.

So in the meantime, I am stuck writing checks – which, by the way, now list an out-of-date address. No one likes taking checks. Businesses make you sign your life away in order to write a check. It’s ridiculous. Address, phone number, date of birth, driver’s license number, alternate phone number, mother’s maiden name, custody of first born child. Plus it takes forever. Plastic is convenient. It’s fast. There’s a reason people don’t write checks anymore.

Hopefully I will have a fun installment of Tales from Jury Duty for you tomorrow.

One thought on “Monday January 22, 2007

  1. You should come visit Iraq.  Your entire outlook on life will change, I guarantee it.  You might even begin to appreciate everything around you just a bit.

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