To get the juices flowing again — and provide some pure unadulterated entertainment — I have trivia for you! There are 5 categories — NONE of which is Movies… Comment with your guesses and I will post answers by Monday. Enjoy!

Geography: These two cities, located about 30 miles apart, recently combined their metropolitan areas and now total 10,000 square miles, the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country, after NY, LA, and Chicago. Which two cities are these?

Music: This pop-rock music singer and songwriter had his first hit in his own country in 1964, and worldwide hits since the early 70’s. His songs often contained political or social commentary, and he has been called the “first third world superstar.” What is his name?

World Affairs: What country is the world’s largest democracy?

Sports: One was a former Olympic gymnast who won the Gold in the 1984 Olympics, the other a perennial tennis champion. They were the first two women athletes to appear on the box of Wheaties cereal. Who are they?

Potpourri: If you looked at a clock in the mirror and the time on the clock face appeared to read 8:20, what time would it be in reality? (Assume non-digital.)


10 thoughts on “Friday January 26, 2007

  1. My guesses:

    1. Dallas/Ft.Worth

    2. Bob Marley

    3. India

    4. Mary Lou Retton / Chris Evert

    5. 2:40

  2. I’m not guessing on all, but:

    Geography: Minneapolis/St. Paul

    Potpourri (!): 4:40

    Fun, let’s do this again!


  3. 1. agree w/ tom

    2. agree w/ tom

    3. Prob Russia–they claim to be democratic don’t they?

    4. ????

    5. agree w/ amenmom

  4. 1.  I don’t know, but are you sure NY is the largest in land area?  Because I think it’s Las Vegas.  And are we talking only city proper, or suburbs as well?  I’m going to guess Dallas/Ft. Worth, but I think it’s too obvious to be right.

    2.  No guess.

    3.  Are we still talking about land area?  If so, Russia?  Or if Russia’s not a democracy, Canada.  If population, India.  (Are they a democracy?)  I realize I’m making multiple guesses; this is just to be sure that I’m right.  Cheating?  I don’t think so.

    4.  Mary Lou Retton, and I have no idea; I don’t know anything about tennis players

    5.  4:40

  5. 1. I’m going to guess Dallas/Ft. Worth as well. Although I don’t think they’re technically 30 miles apart.

    5. 4:40

    That’s all I got.

  6. 1. Dallas/ Ft Worth

    2. Bob Marley—duh.

    3. India

    4. Mary Lou Retton/ Chris Evert

    5. 4:40

  7. I think Becky cheated & used Google…

  8. LOW BLOW!! I did not use google!

    1. duh question

    2. anyone who is remotely interested in music could figure that one out

    3. world geography last semester

    4. hbo documentary films

    5. duh question

    just because you’re not as smart as me, don’t be jealous laura!!

  9. And the top 5 answers are on the board…’s the question…!!!  Survey Says??!!!  ANSWERS PLEASE…!!!

  10. I refuse to answer, as it may indicate just smart I really am NOT.  But….I tap in daily to get the real answers!!

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