It has come to my attention (and thus I am bringing it to yours) that I may be filling my head with relatively useless information — and that I may be using space that could otherwise be useful.

For example: I know things like “Shipoopi” is a song from The Music Man, and I know who Moondoggie is, and I know how to hypnotize a rabbit. These are not things that help me do anything productive from day-to-day. But they are taking up brain-space. What if brain-space is limited? What if these useless things are taking up valuable space that I can never get back?

In other news, I made a Gingerbread House this weekend with my 3 year old friend, Abby. It was the highlight of my week, and maybe my Christmas season — I will post pictures when I get them from Nancy.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday December 5, 2006

  1. HOW do you hypnotize a RABBIT?? And how do you come to know such a thing?

    I’ll send the pictures soon.


  2. I believe the consensus is that we use only 10% of our brain capacity, (I read that somewhere before my brain got full) odds are you have a few nooks and crannys left to fill up with UBIs.   Do we thank the 4H program for the skill with the rabbits?

  3. Memory is based on repetition and recency. You’ll forget the stuff you don’t use once it gets old enough. I kinda just made that up. But it sounds good. Did you know that your brain is all wrinkly in order to fit more surface area inside a relatively small space?

  4. I forgot about hypnotizing poor Corky.  He was such a good little rabbit. 

  5. I think you have no need to worry. And I’d be more embarassed about knowing how to make diapers for rabbits…

    FYI: The “wrinkly” appearance is formed by gyri (the ridges) and sulci (the crevices inbetween).   :)

  6. Oops- “embarrassed.” 

    (forget an “R”..)

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