So about a month ago I received a bill from the State of Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration Revenue Division… for whatever reason– I disregarded it for a few weeks.

The day we were supposed to leave for Vegas, I decided to open and take care of it. Unfortunately, it was a notice that I had failed to submit my W2’s for 2005 (even though I filed my taxes on time and owed nothing), a bill for tax penalties of $300– and was due that day. Whoops. So I wrote a note whining about how I had just recently married and was on my honeymoon yada yada and, oh by the way, here’s my W2 that you wanted. Taken care of. Right?

So, yesterday morning, I happened to think of it and tried to remember to call their office to confirm that it was resolved. It slipped my mind until after 5:00 yesterday and I put it on my list to do today. In the meantime, I go check my post office box to find yet another letter from the Dept of Finance and Admin….. for the original penalty plus interest! Crap! So last night, we had a heated “discussion” about the importance of taking care of things on time and avoiding unnecessary tax penalties… so I agreed to call the office today to see what my options were and take it from there.

Well, apparently, when I sent in my W2 in November I failed to remember that I had not one but three W2’s in 2005 and I had only sent in my Cool Water form — they wanted the Outback one, too. Picky Picky.

So I was as cooperative as possible and told JoAnn at the office that I was more than willing to fax her the form right now– so I did and called her back, and just like that – no more $300 tax penalty! Whew!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday December 19, 2006

  1. Go to the Humane Society.  They have lots of puppies who need homes.  :)

  2. Crap. That reminds me. I never submitted my signature last year! Crap crap crap. I got a letter from them but I don’t get a penalty, I just might not be allowed to file online this year.

  3. Yay Sarah! I hvae no use for deadlines and other such pesky things. Isn’t that why we get married, so someone else can handle that unpleasant business for us?

  4. It’s the little things that do make a BIG difference!!!  I don’t think you’ll ever change.  Tell Jeff now — so he can take charge!

  5. That last comment was from your Mother — not sure why your little Sister got the credit???

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