Hi All. I promised you a 2-weekend update including pictures. Here goes–

LAST weekend, the big story was that we fell victim to a conspiracy spearheaded by UBC and a Fayetteville Towing Company. We parked in the UBC lot behind Dickson around 7pm. We came back around 11pm to find that the vehicle was gone. There’s a sign posted at the entrance to the lot that clearly says cars will be towed if left past 7am on Sunday mornings — this was 11pm Friday night! So I call the number and get the driver of the tow truck. I not-so-politely ask him where our vehicle is. He explains to me that he has been towing cars all night in order to keep “the alley” clear. Note: Our car was parked toward the center of the lot- in a spot. So, as I’m talking to the guy, he pulls up in the parking lot! Just for a frame of reference, this was the day that every school within 50 miles was closed, including the University, everyone was snowed/iced in so there were VERY few people even on Dickson that night. The parking lot is practically empty at this point, when the tow truck driver gets out and tells us he’s only doing his job yada yada he’s been towing cars that were “out in the alley” yada yada we’ll have to take it up with UBC…

So we follow the guy to where the vehicle is — where we are greeted by this sign: 

December 10 2006 017

I ask them for the reasoning behind towing GK’s truck. Lester, who is working the front desk, offers a Polaroid in which I can see a 100% unidentifiable white vehicle parked approximately 6 inches over the line in a parking lot. No license plate shot, no wide shot for context — this is the proof they offered. He tells me there were several vehicles parked over the line (but beside each other, in line) and that they were all towed. He refuses to answer any questions — tells us to “take it up with the preacher at UBC”. Wow. The towing company can come by a public parking lot, at 8:30pm on a Friday night, tow your car, charge you $100 to get it back– and the only proof they provide is a Polaroid of a white car. I asked if I could have the Polaroid and Lester informed me that they would be “keeping it on file for 2 years”.

By the time we left, the whole situation was comical. Keith, me, unidentified Tow Truck Driver and Jennifer in pic.

December 10 2006 019_edited

So, Saturday was better! I went to Nancy’s to build a Gingerbread House with Abby. I made the mistake of telling Abby, who’s 3, that she could eat the candy that was broken — that we didn’t want to use it to decorate the house. It was all downhill after that. Finding the broken candy became MUCH more fun than putting candy on the house! But we finished and I have to say, it’s a work of art. It’s proudly displayed in our house as one of our only two Christmas decorations. (The other is our Christmas Poinsettia.)

8 4 5 1

So this last weekend — we went to a party at Deb’s house. December 10 2006 025_edited December 10 2006 044_edited December 10 2006 036 December 10 2006 027 December 10 2006 054_edited

More party pics in the photo album.

Saturday night, Andrew and I went ice skating at the Bentonville rink — which we did not realize is the size of my living room. We were all psyched about going- we drove up and just stared. It was tiny and obviously there’s nothing like a zamboni or anything to clean off the ice.  There were approximately 500 kids skating so we waddled onto the ice long enough to get our picture made.

December 10 2006 049_edited  

So this week. Yesterday, I got official approval to take a class next semester! I am a few classes from finishing my Accounting de
gree and will start in January.

Also. Against my better judgment, I clicked on a link off of a website yesterday, and found a website called RealAge.com.  They take into account my exercise/eating habits, family health history, blah blah. According to their calculations — my calendar age is 24.2, but my RealAge is 19.4!

Pampered Chef Party tonight!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday December 12, 2006

  1. Why is the Picture of GK and I not up there Sarah?? We are the most handsome sonsofbitches you got on camera that night. hahaha. Had a great time. Talk to you soon

  2. You are my only Xanga friend. haha. I’m so lonely.

  3. I’m sorry that you went skating on a tiny, horrible, packed with kids skating rink.  We’ll have to take you to a real rink over Christmas.  And I can teach you how to plow through the kids and never look back.  hehe.

  4. My, your weekend was much more eventful than mine. I’m gonna have to start making stuff up. This weekend, I think I’ll knock over a liquor store, or something. :)

  5. My weekend was pretty sweet too.  We walked ridiculously far (18 km) and found all kinds of neat “toys” Hadji likes to “play” with when we got there.  We took them away and he was a very sad Hadji, but now he can hang out with all his other friends we “visited” and caught with other “toys.” 

  6. I found the real age website, too!!  My calendar age was 52.7; while my real age was something like 50.?  So, when you tell me to act my act, I’ll continue to act younger!!!

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