Thursday December 14, 2006

On my way home from Jazz last night, a few things caught my eye…

Did you know that they’ve turned the building on Sycamore that used to be The Beer Barn — into a church? I laughed out loud in the car by myself when I saw this. I’ve heard of churches that meet in schools, individuals’ homes, strip malls– but The Beer Barn? Makes you say “hmm”.

Also on my way home last night, I noticed that the building on Garland that was most recently a spa– and I wanna say it was a florist before that– is now a coffee house.

Dec 14 2006 001

Which isn’t as notable as The Beer Barn church – until you look closely…

Dec 14 2006 004

I had to look twice. I thought to myself, “Surely that brand new coffeehouse didn’t misspell the word cappuccino.” But, indeed.

Best of luck to the new Copheehouse. — and The Beer Barn of God.

4 thoughts on “Thursday December 14, 2006

  1. I give the Copheehouse three months. If you’re not smart enough to spell the name of one of your own products right, then you’re probably not smart enough to run the business in the first place. We should go there when I get back.

  2. Picky, Picky,  and does WWJD possibly mean “What would Jesus Drink? “

  3. You really have missed your calling — you  DO need to become an editor, or auditor!!!

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