Thursday December 21, 2006

So I guess it’s probably wrong to complain about those trying to protect my financial identity, but I think it’s going a little overboard.

I used to think that it was excessive to have a pin # in addition to my member # and my password when I sign on to NOW, you have to put in a member #, password, pin #, city you got married in, high school mascot, and place where you met your spouse. Ridicurous! Even more ridiculous is that, this morning, after jumping through each one of those hoops — my account became locked and I had to maneuver through the 1800 touch-tone service to get to a person who could unlock my bank account!

I’m sure there are people out there who have a financial identity worth all of that security– I personally think that if anyone really wants access to my measly little bank account, they can have it!

One thought on “Thursday December 21, 2006

  1. “ridicurous”….really?

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