I am going to be a big girl and pretend that it doesn’t hurt my feelings that I had over 200 hits on my site yesterday and not one single comment… I’ll start thinking of ways for you to make it up to me.

Last night, I ventured back to Jazzercise. It’s been my first session back after “the injury”. I know I never told you the story of the injury — and that was deliberate. The story is really lame and even I will have a hard time making it entertaining. It will have to stand on its own honesty in order to provide drama.

So, we went to the Razorbacks/LSU game the Friday after Thanksgiving after spending a week in Las Vegas. I didn’t blog about that week because when the Razorbacks lose there is something of a mourning period — you understand. So we were at the game and it was beautiful weather and great atmosphere, yada yada, people were tossing beach balls around the stands. I paid no mind to this — until one came our way. This was no ordinary beach ball. It had to have been 8-feet across! So I reached up to bat it away and I’m not sure if it was the jumping up or the landing — but when I came back down after hitting the beach ball, there was something wrong. I was trying to be tough (you all know that’s a losing battle…) and got through the rest of the game. My back really hurt, but I thought if I could just get back to the house and have Jeff step on it for me — that’d I’d be alright. So it hurt all night and I thought that after a night’s sleep- it’d be all better. NOT the case. I couldn’t get out of bed the next morning! Jeff’s parents diagnosed it as a pulled muscle and his mom set me up with this vibrating/heating pad which was awesome. We made it back to Fayetteville and I literally stayed in bed for two entire days, trying not to move.

So there ya go, I pulled a muscle in my back batting away a beach ball at a football game. But I’m back on the wagon– started back to Jazz last night. No worries.

I was reminded yesterday that I never blogged about our adventures last weekend! And Keith’s services have been hired for an UGPO party tonight.  So I promise you a fun-filled blog come Sunday night– I will include last weekend’s goingson and photos as well. To give you a preview, the weekend festivities included a tow truck, a Gingerbread House, the Razorbacks getting an invite to the Capital One Bowl, and my buying our Christmas Poinsettia. (Nancy: Send pictures so I can put them up!)

Pictures of Tom:

tom tc humvee










Promoted to 1st Lieutenant!










If you need his address, let me know. I know he’d like to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Friday December 8, 2006

  1. I think you know my opinion on the “photo blog…” That’s why there was no comment, missy. 

    And I LOVE that picture of Tom in the hummer!  :)

  2. I think it would be funnier if you’d pulled your back at Jazzercise.

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