After having lunch with the UGPO crowd today, I am nearly at a loss for Xanga material today — Next time I’ll update before having lunch with that crew.

I do not have any personal issue with the state of Oklahoma. However, in my experience and using my own highly sophisticated statistical analysis I’ve concluded that 9 out of 10* bad drivers on the road have Oklahoma tags. I take note of this when drivers don’t use turn signals, when I am cut off, when I notice people unnecessarily stopping at Yield signs, when cars at the intersection of Futrall and Gregg (over by Target) get confused when two lanes merge into one… crazy Oklahomers. (for you Nancy)

I am truly tired of the election. I voted Saturday– good citizen that I am– but I could do without the pathetic political TV spots. There should be an Election Channel — like the Food Channel and the Weather Channel. People who want to know about the candidates could flip to the Election Channel and watch all day if they want to– maybe this channel could replace a comparatively useless channel like the Speed Channel.

On a scale of 1 to 9, what is an appropriate setting for a refrigerator?

All of you “Out-of-towners” be sure and flip to ESPN this Saturday — as they will be broadcasting from Fayetteville starting at 9am! Go Hogs!

I was just involved in a heated “discussion” in the office regarding the definition of “bi-monthly”. Twice a month? Every two months?

I hope to post pictures soon — nothing photo-worthy lately…

*Research limited to Northwest Arkansas area. Sarah disclaims and makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility, for the validity, accuracy, correctness, or completeness of any information provided. 

7 thoughts on “Tuesday November 7, 2006

  1. Nice, though I prefer “Oklahomies”.


  2. bi-monthly is totally every other month.  if it were twice a month it would be semi-monthly or something of that nature.

    i get paid bi-weekly which means every other week. 


  3. This was also my stand on the issue. Apparently these people didn’t realize they were talking to the Grammar Queen…

  4. btw. i love the disclaimer

  5. I was watching the travel channel yesterday and there was a show about Greece. And now I want to go there.  And backpacking is cheaper.  :) 

    And don’t make fun of my new picture!

  6. Bi monthly is once every two months.  If you want it twice in a month — it would be bi-weekly!

    BTW — your Mother is a student of OU — go easy on the Sooner Country folks!

    I agree with you on the Election Channel — terrific idea!

  7. I sent you a picture you should feel free to share with anyone.  It’s not every day you get to sit on Qusay Hussein’s marble toilet.  :)

    Love you,


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