Thursday November 30, 2006

Jerry: Why don’t you go out? It’s nice out.
Kramer: Oh, no. There’s nothing out there for me.
Jerry: There’s weather.
Kramer: Weather? I don’t need weather. Weather doesn’t do it for me.

I really think there should be some sort of accountability with Weatherpeople. They can “forecast” whatever they want and if they’re wrong — what happens?

Those of us who have lived in NW Arkansas for any substantial period of time have come to realize that, especially in the cold-weather months, the weather forecast should be taken with a grain of salt and shouldn’t be relied upon to be any closer than +/- 20 degrees or so.

Yesterday, I heard predictions of up to 10″ of snow for the end of this week. This translated into my waking up this morning to cold rain. Not freezing rain. Cold rain. There was story after story on the local news last night about how they are “preparing” the roads, yada yada, gravel trucks, yada yada, school closing information…

For RAIN! And what happens to the weathermen?!? Nothing! I’m not proposing a public hanging here — I would just like to know that the Weatherman has some sort of incentive to do his job correctly.

To be honest, I would really like to overhaul the entire Weather forecasting system. I think the forecast would be much more applicable to people if instead of showing temperatures and little clouds or smiling sunshines or lightning bolts– they would show recommended pieces of clothing. For example– today, I don’t really care that “we’ve already hit our high for the day” blah blah. What looks like help to me is a picture of a coat/gloves/scarf and an umbrella. This tells me it’s cold and raining— which is all I really care about.

This really helps everyone at my house — since, nearly every morning, immediately following the local weather forecast I ask, “So what do I need to wear?”. The weather forecast jibberish has to be translated into something applicable and useful.

The “forecast” for the rest of the day calls for dropping temperatures and the rain is supposed to turn into “wintery mix” (one of my least favorite weather terms) and sleet and snow and continue on through tomorrow.

We will see.

One thought on “Thursday November 30, 2006

  1. It’s not like it’s that hard to step outside and see how it feels … and if it makes you feel any better, it was 17 degrees out when I left my house this morning. But I agree that weathermen should be held accountable somehow.

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