Comin’ to your City! ESPN kicked off Saturday morning with their first-ever telecast from Fayetteville, Arkansas. We were not among the 5000ish people who were in attendance for what could best be described as a “chilly” morning.



We did some good old-fashioned tailgating with some friends. Among those in the group were Crazy Jennifer, Luke, Angela (who works with me at SSX), “The Big Cat” and family from Smackover, and Debra who came to stay with us for the weekend.

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We had GREAT SEATS! South Endzone, 4th row — right between the R and the A. It got colder as the night went on, and we didn’t really dress accordingly… Jennifer saved the day by bringing me an extra pair of gloves and socks.

The game was pretty exciting– it’s always more fun when you’re winning– but pretty anticlimactic as we had them beat at the half.


 The game wasn’t as close as the score indicated– but a W is a W. We opted not to go out after the game and take part in any craziness, but we DID come home and watch the highlights over and over and over and over. :)


One thought on “Sunday November 12, 2006

  1. EXCELLENT movie choice.  Cool Hand Luke is the greatest flick of ALL TIME.  Congrats on the Hogs win.  I use them as my home team on Sony PSP NCAA 07 and I’m kickin’ the crap out of everyone.  If  you can get one for me, I’d appreciate an Arkansas pullover hoodie over here.  Winter is coming and it does actually get cold at night here.  :)

    Love you,


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