As the holidays approach, I have been struggling with one of the great mysteries of life. What is the difference between dressing and stuffing? I have my own opinion (of course), but I have an inquiring mind and would like to gather as many sentiments as possible in order to make a very informed decision.

Note: I am fairly certain I don’t like either dressing OR stuffing — and would rather have anything drenched in cheese sauce — but after gathering all relevant (and irrelevant, as the case may be) information on the subject, I am planning to re-evaluate my dressing/stuffing distaste and “Try it Again, For the First Time”.

I have reason to believe this may be a regional issue, may be a logistical issue (in relation to the turkey), or it may just be semantics — you say pants, I say britches…

Stand up and be heard.

P.S. I hardly believe this, but I forgot to mention the absolute yumminess that I ate at the football game Saturday night. Hog Wild Pork BBQ Nachos.  It’s what you think it is. Round corn tortilla chips literally covered in pork BBQ, BBQ sauce and what can only loosely be described as cheese. It was amazing — Jeff and I are trying to find out where we can get some more of them.

3 thoughts on “Monday November 13, 2006

  1. Stuffing IS dressing.  It’s just that it’s “stuffed” in the bird when baked, and not baked all alone “dressed” in a baking dish!  They’re the same thing — just how they’re baked/served.

  2. According to your dear departed Grandpa, a dressing is cooked in a pan and a stuffing is cooked in the turkey.  They can be the same exact thing but it depends on where it is cooked.   It seems now a days that it is more regional and a matter of “Pop, vs Soda, vs soft drink”   Hope all goes well when you “stuff” that varmit. 

  3. The thought of those pork nachos made me almost gag…

    And I agree that I don’t like dressing or stuffing, no matter what it’s called.

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