Apparently my readership is impatient with the 2 day lull in my posting. So here are a few updates:

So… I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but apparently Union Products Inc. has stopped producing pink flamingos and will be going out of business effective 1 November.


In other news, we used the exercise balls in Jazzercise again last night and it only got worse… Picture this: laying on your back on the floor with a giant purple exercise ball between your knees up in the air, rhythmically squeezing your legs together to the tune of [insert classic early 90s song here]. It wasn’t pretty. Very effective– as it turns out, but not pretty.

Work is making me crazy. Can’t really elaborate, and it’s not all “bad crazy” — but crazy, nonetheless.

No activity in the bank account regarding the bells — no one is surprised. Please stand by.

As I pulled into the SSX parking lot yesterday after lunch, “Fancy” came on the radio and I stayed in the car a few minutes and enjoyed it. It’s the little things in life…

I got new business cards today. New name AND new title. :)

I am going to see Marie Antoinette tonight with Andrew!!

3 thoughts on “Friday November 3, 2006

  1. Is anyone really going to miss the tacky plastic flamingos? Seriously??

  2. Whatever Laura … you’ll miss them once they’re gone. Sarah … tell your mom the pants don’t have to have bicycles. And what the hell is this not reciprocating comments?

  3. what is gay keith doing surrounded by all those flamingos?

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