I just spent the good part of an hour recounting a story for you and stupid stupid xanga had a malfunction and erased it. Damnit. I’ll try and tell it again, with the same energy as the first time — I’m not making any promises.

I came back from lunch today to find a rather large box sitting in the floor beside my desk. It was addressed to me like this:

C/O Sarah Hood, Sarah Martin, SAOTCHI & SAOTCHI, Lakeview, yadda yadda


The return address on the box is “Dillard’s Pecanland” in Monroe, LA so I know that it’s another wedding gift for Jeff. I open the box so that I can call and tell him who it’s from. There are two wrapped packages inside, no packing slip, no card. There is nothing inside the box with a name on it.

So I call the number on the return address. Cindy answers the phone in the Bridal Registry Department of the Monroe Dillard’s and I explain to her what the problem is. She gets very excited and says she would love to help me, she just needs me to read to her the number off of the packing slip and she’ll be able to look it up. Hmm. I feel like smarting off to her, but I don’t. I politely remind her that the only thing in the box is two wrapped packages. She explains to me that, “usually there’s a little slip of paper in there, we call it a packing slip, it gives you return information, and the name of the person who sent the gift”. I don’t respond. She doesn’t deserve it. She takes my phone number and says she’ll call me back. Fine.

In the meantime, someone walks by my desk and asks “what’s in the box?”. So I unwrap one of the packages to find a card, taped to the box, inside the wrapping paper. I give the names to Jeff, he knows them. Ok fine.

Cindy calls back 20 or so minutes later — the names she gives me do NOT match the names on the card…. I’ll let Jeff figure this one out.

Also going on this afternoon— The boys who sit around me have recently discovered that Metamucil is a P&G brand and we do work for them. They’ve come across some Metamucil this week and have devised a “contest” of sorts. Should be interesting.


David got embarassed when I told him I was going to put his picture on the internet. I just watched him dump a heap of Metamucil into a glass of water, drink it (though it was so thick he could have eaten it with a fork) and THEN ask me to read him the dosage instructions. Boys…

3 thoughts on “Friday November 17, 2006

  1. That is REALLY not smart.  Seriously– had a lecture on it just last week…

  2. The names dear ol’ Cindy provided – do either of you know those people?

  3. It’d be really cool if you could make me famous and add that pic I sent of me on good ole Qusay’s “chair”.

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