Wednesday October 4, 2006

No rant today- though I do have two pieces of news to report.

1. I have been bitten by a spider and my right shin is rotting away.

2. I moved up to the 5-pound hand-weights at Jazzercise this week. For reference, I started at 3 (which is the lowest number they have) a month ago and there is only one set of 4-pound weights and apparently I’m not quick enough to grab them when it’s time to get weights so I decided to go ahead and move on up to 5– there are plenty of 5s to go around.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday October 4, 2006

  1. Congrats (on the second item … not so much the first). I think you could work for the BBB. But if you ever have a Saris product and need customer service, ours is killer and you could call me. We are not like stupid stupid Dillard’s.

  2. That cat is a show-off.

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