Wednesday October 25, 2006

5 thoughts on “Wednesday October 25, 2006

  1. Really? It’s probably too good to be true. Although they used to put them on…free cherry limeades for all!

  2. Well, seeing as I go to the same Sonic and get the same drink every weekday morning– I don’t know if having a free coupon everyday would go over very well.

    I think we’re already making enemies at Shake’s for a similar situation… We still have a pocket full of “Free Small Concrete” coupons. (We use them 2 at a time…)

  3. I googled “free sonic coupons” and got this.

  4. Nobody said anything about free. They are coupons for a discount–I think 99 cents for one of their ridiculously big drinks. I’m sure Jeff would be proud of your thriftiness. Autumn uses them every day. I’ll have her send you the link.

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