Wednesday October 25, 2006

Come on people. I need feedback/encouragement/heckling even when there’s nothing “juicy” to comment upon. As of 5 minutes ago, there have been 42 footprints on my site today and not one single comment…

So I think the Johnson Sonic is The Twilight Zone. If you are new to my reader-ship, please refer to past postings on the subject– it will really help paint the picture.

This morning, I go to Sonic and order my Diet Coke like every other morning. I usually like to pull into a stall that is not next to an occupied stall (not unlike my policy on public restrooms), but it was also raining so I put the carhop’s well-being before my own and pulled into a stall next to a brown minivan. I ordered and was waiting for my food when the carhop (the same one who sometimes ”palms” my Diet Coke) comes out to deliver food to the brown minivan to my right. She has an entire tray full of food and as she’s handing it to the lady in the front seat– she drops a bag of unidentified Sonic goodness on the ground. The carhop is virtually unaffected by this, but I can see from the exchange that she offers to go back in and get replacement food for the lady. The food on the ground– stayed on the ground.

About a minute later, I see movement out of the corner of my eye. I look over to see the woman get out of her car, look around with her shifty eyes, bend down to pick up the bag on the ground, and get back into her car with it. She looks around again, as if to make sure she is going to “get away” with her scheme. She backs out and pulls away.

The best part was the confused looks on the faces of the people inside Sonic.

I swear I feel like I must be on candid camera when I go to that place.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday October 25, 2006

  1. I love your Sonic stories — perhaps you could offer to advertise for them (on the side!)

  2. But did the carhop speak with an accent!?!?!

  3. And yet you still go there. It’s not like there isn’t a Sonic every 10 feet in this town.

    I assume you know how to get Sonic drink coupons off the web?

  4. You know- there are other places that sell diet coke…

  5. Dude! I leave you comments all the time! Do you ever leave me comments? No!

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