Wednesday October 11, 2006

 1. I think we have a spider issue at home. I have now been bitten again, on the same leg. Just in time for the first bite to heal.

2. I dreamed last night that Jeff and I were in The Sopranos family. And totally unrelated– but in the same dream, I dreamed that a spider bit me on the face. Again with the spiders…

3. Apparently, it is no longer ”cool” to use your turn signals. I am not an authority on “cool” as I have never been a “cool kid”, but clearly I did not get the memo that turn signals are now an unnecessary inconvenience.

4. This morning in the car on the way to work, I heard a commercial on the radio for breast pump rentals. Really? Rental?? If you know something about this, please share.

5. Bring It On was on USA last night. It makes me think of Andrew, and it reminds me of freshman year– Let’s not put the “duh” in dumb!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday October 11, 2006

  1. I think we should kick Becky off Xanga– she obviously doesn’t care about it like we do…

    Sorry about your spider problem- I’d move immediately.

    And rental breast pumps??  EW.

  2. I do know about breast pump rentals. I have not rented one, however. 

    The hospital grade breast pumps (the Medela Symphony) costs over a thousand dollars.  People rent these breast pumps for around fifty bucks a month–the breast pumps are closed circuited so they are sterile, and you simply use your own suctiony thingies.  People rent for two reasons, the hospital grade pumps give you the most milk, and if you’re only going to pump for a short time then its more economical to rent for a month or two.  A Medela Pump in Style or Pump in Style Advanced (which is the only non hospital grade breast pumps recommended by lactation consultants) will set you back anywhere from $200-350.

    Is that everything you wanted to know about breast pumps? 

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