If I’m lucky, I’ll get to see TWO movies in the theater this week! We have plans to see Saw III with Keith and Don tonight. (We have to go out so that we don’t have to “deal with” trick-or-treaters…) And Friday, I have a date with Andrew for dinner and Marie Antoinette!

So. I went to Jazzercise last night – and, since I was a Jazzer-slacker all last week, it was not as much fun as it would otherwise have been. But we did a song that required the use of an “exercise ball”, which I’ve never done before. I (mistakenly) thought this was some sort of down time.  I am here to tell you, whipping that thing around is not as easy as it looks. Plus! Typically at Jazz if you are tired or sore you can skip a step here and there and no one notices. If there’s a leg part and an arm part, you can drop your arms for one rep and no one cares. When you are holding a gigantic, bright blue ball above your head — and your arms are killing you because you haven’t worked out in a week — you can’t drop it, or everybody knows it! Stupid ball.

Dad: I made myself a sandwich when I came home from Jazz last night — I realize I’m running out of Miracle Whip — so I go to the side of the fridge, where I keep my magnetic shopping list – and I write “whippy lite”, without even thinking. I smiled to myself.

Mom: Today would be Michael Landon’s birthday – I heard it on the radio this morning!

Happy Halloween!

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday October 31, 2006

  1. Michael Landon was my heart throb! 

    Chip has a costume just like this dog!!!  That reminds me — I better get him dressed to greet the trick-0-treaters!!!

  2. Ahh the “list”, if it isn’t on the list, you don’t get it……Love ya kiddo….

  3. Seriously. Mexican twin. 

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