I realized today that if you read my post yesterday but weren’t with us last night– you’d think I had a pretty crappy day. To the contrary. It turned out to be a perfect birthday.

I ended up getting to leave work around 6. My team at work stayed and finished up our job. (More on that later.) We went to dinner with Keith and Don and Jennifer and Luke to Bordino’s– which was fabulous.

Birthday 002_edited Birthday 005_edited

About halfway through dinner, I look over to see my client (and 7 or 8 other people) at the table next to us! She was there with Wal-Mart marketing people and reps from the brand in Cinci. So when we were finished with dinner, we went to say hi. About that time, she got a phone call so she followed us outside the restaurant. Who should be outside, but my Project Manager from work! He had stayed and finished our work and was meeting our client at the restaurant to deliver the boards for her meeting. This was nearly 9 oclock! So the job got done– I didn’t have to stay at work all night– we got to eat at Bordino’s– it was a great night.

Also of note, Keith is back on the blog! Self portrait below…

Birthday 010_edited

(He’ll be mad that I included that picture…)

Our waitress brought me Birthday (cheese)Cake and a candle! But no singing.

Birthday 015_edited

Birthday 032_edited Photo Courtesy of Jeff Hood

I got to “talk” to everyone in my family and several friends. I even got to chat with Tom! It was a good birthday.

MEMO: Effective immediately- there will be no more pictures of babies posted on this blog. It has caused more problems than it’s worth. Please refer to “Comment 7” on the October 23 entry for more information.

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