Thursday October 26, 2006

I’m not really that into Halloween — except for carving pumpkins. My office has a quarterly company meeting tomorrow and apparently “it’s tradition” to have a Costume Contest and otherwise Halloween-themed atmosphere. Along with this, I somehow got duped into helping decorate our floor of the building — unfortunately, this is evidence to support Jeff’s theory that I’m a “do-gooder”. So I am helping turn our hallway into a bowling alley sporting eyeballs and skulls for bowling balls, bones for pins, spooky music, lots of black and cobwebbery draped everywhere, etc. I’ll have to take pictures of this tomorrow —

So, back to the Halloween costume. I had decided over a week ago that I would not be dressing up for Halloween. A few of my team members at work have been trying to convince me that I will be the weird one if I don’t dress up– and I have been trying to explain to them that being weird for not dressing up for Halloween does not really bother me.

So yesterday, I had a revelation — and just may have found a Halloween costume loop-hole. I was eating lunch at Flying Burrito (College, not Spring) and there were two girls in front of me with hot pink pants on. I stood there thinking to myself that I wish I had some hot pink pants. I then realized the girls were wearing scrubs. How cute! Hot pink scrubs! So I started thinking, how lucky are those people who get to wear scrubs to work everyday — how comfortable that must be. Those of us who wear “real” clothes to work — we’re jealous. But wait! I, too, can wear scrubs to work! I’ll be a doctor for Halloween! So, the girls I was with (who happen to be unhealthily fanatic Grey’s Anatomy watchers) decided we could be characters from the show. 

Couple things. 1) I have never seen the show– not one minute of it. So these “characters” are kinda lost on me. 2) I don’t actually own any scrubs, so my plan to not actually buy a costume- is out the window. 

BUT! I get to give the illusion of being a Cool Kid, because everyone knows that all the Cool Kids watch Grey’s Anatomy. Laura, I’m citing you as my inspiration (even though it was the hot pink pants at The Flying Burrito).

The bottom line is that I’ll be comfortable tomorrow in my “costume” — and I don’t really care that I have ulterior motives for choosing it. We are going to Little Rock for the game– or else I’d have to worry about what to wear to the ‘Jazzercise Halloween Super Session’ Saturday morning… Retch.

One thought on “Thursday October 26, 2006

  1. Not having even watched Grey’s Anatomy, let alone not loving it with all your heart, is a mark against your character. I’m not saying you’re a bad person for this, but it just doesn’t look good.

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