Thursday October 12, 2006

I would like to extend an official Xanga Hello to my friend Devon Tucker, aka Breast Pump Rental Expert. I am overwhelmingly flattered by the fact that Devon went to all the trouble to create a Xanga account so that she could comment on my entry about breast pump rentals. In addition, I am impressed (but not shocked) that she is so knowledgable about breast pumps.

Devon used to maintain a blog, but has recently redirected her energies to this cutie.

ella1 ella2 ella3 ella4 SarahandElla ella5

But, now that she has a ghost-Xanga she will have no excuse but to comment on mine!

Yes, Devon, that is more than I thought there was to know about breast pumps. Thank you.

Do you like how I just devoted an entire entry to you and Ella? Well… you and Ella and breast pumps.


2 thoughts on “Thursday October 12, 2006

  1. i couldn’t resist telling you all that about breastpumps!
    I feel so flattered! A whole post about moi!

  2. Thanks for the birthday shoutout thing.  I celebrated by going to the rifle range with my guys and shooting the sniper rifles at some stuff and making them go boom.  Not quite a birthday cake with candles, but it’ll do.  Love you and take care.  I’ll send a basket of snakes or a flying carpet or something as soon as I find one…

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