I have HAD IT with a website called sleekspaces.com. They have tested my nerves for over a month and, unfortunately, they are winning the war. And really– sleekspaces is only part of the painful saga that we’ll call “The Wedding Bells”.

This story starts back in August. The last week in August I decided I better get on the stick and get favors for the people attending my wedding. I had long ago decided on what I wanted to get– but hadn’t closed the deal. Over the course of wedding planning- there emerged a bit of a “bow” theme…

Wedding Pics 014 Wedding Pics 026 Wedding Pics 208 Wedding Pics 015

So– I picked out wedding favors that followed suite. They were WAY cute. Vera Wang Kissing Bells, from the Love Knots Collection.

Vera Wang Love Knots Collection Kissing Bell T935115

That’s where the trouble started. I discovered that these bells are not available in any store in NWA or San Antonio and decided to order them online and rush shipping. Sounds easy enough. I found two different options. 1) buy the bells individually. 2) buy them in sets of 4. Since I needed 7 bells (and was secretly hoping I could keep one for myself)– I decided I would go with 2 sets of 4 since that was cheaper than 8 individual bells.  I found a site called crayonsoup.com that carries the sets of 4 bells and offered express shipping. No problem. So the day before I left for SA for Labor Day– I ordered the bells. Taken care of. Well, when I got to San Antonio, I went to show my mom a picture of what I ordered and realized that on two different sites the bells were two different sizes. Crap! So on Saturday morning… of Labor Day weekend… I frantically try to call Customer Service for this website and cancel my order. Here I thought I was SO smart ordering sets of 4– and they’re HALF the size! Of COURSE they’re cheaper!

So I get ahold of customer service and they tell me it’s too late to stop shipment on the bells. Ok. Fine. So I look for another site where I can order the full-sized bells and rush shipment so they’ll be here in time. I find sleekspaces.com– which I will realize later, will be the death of me.

I have now ordered 16 wedding bells. And these things are not cheap. Plus the express shipping. So I wait for the first set of bells to arrive. They arrive around the 8th– and I take them to get engraved. Nothing fancy– the date, our names, you know. Apparently these are the most fragile damn things– the place in the mall called me after a day of trying to get them into the engraver to tell me they couldn’t do it. I took them to a jeweler– who broke one of them into 4 pieces– and he couldn’t do it. Ok. FINE. The bells won’t be engraved. Plain wedding bells. But they’re cute.

I forgot to mention that in the meantime, I had decided that the first shipment of bells were plenty big enough and that I didn’t need bells twice as big. So I call and try to stop shipment on the SECOND shipment of bells. I am told that (as of the 8th) they had not shipped and that I would be receiving tracking in my email so that I could contact UPS and refuse shipment. Ok. So I anxiously await shipping. I call everyday that week and leave messages with customer service. No tracking. So we get married the 16th, bells were beautiful. I come back to work the 18th to find a box from sleekspaces.com on my desk. It had arrived the 15th– while I was gone. Perfect. Even more perfect is the email I got THAT DAY with the tracking for the package that had arrived the Friday before! Geniuses- these people. On top of everything– I open the box to find that these bells are the EXACT SAME SIZE as the 8 previous bells! 16 identical bells, express shipped to my office, at roughly $25 a pop plus shipping and headache.

So I call Customer Service and get a real person. I explain to him that I will not only NOT be repeat business for them, but am NOT going to pay return shipping OR a “restocking fee” for merchandise I intended to refuse in the first place. AND receiving tracking for a package after the package is received is not very helpful. He assures me that he will take care of the situation and that I should be receiving an email in the next few days with what he called an “RA” number and that someone would be coming by to pick up the package for return shipment. That was September 18th.

Today, my friends, is October 16th. The box of bells has been sitting beside my desk for A MONTH now. I trip over it several times a day– and people occasionally ask, “what’s in the box?”. I mostly just roll my eyes, sigh, and say “you don’t want to know…”. sleekspaces.com has nearly obliterated my faith in online shopping. They have promised me for a month now that they will be taking care of my problem. I have written 4 separate emails, called countless times, all to no avail.

I decided today to go on their website and check out the “return policy”. It is as follows:

“We want you to love your purchases, and we offer a limited 30 Day Limited Money Back Guarantee returns policy. For returns on items that are not damaged or defective, please contact a Customer Service Representative within 30 days of receipt of your merchandise. Please include your order number and the reason for your return in your email. We will respond within 24 hours with a Return Authorization Number and instructions for returning the item to us.”

24 hours?!? We’re goin on 30 DAYS! Ridiculous. I chewed the “Customer Service” guy pretty good on the phone today– poor guy. And the status of my “return” has not changed in 30 days. That is unacceptable.

Here’s another picture of the bells. They were cute.

Vera Wang Love Knots Collection Kissing Bell T935115

Wedding Pics 232

But almost not worth it…


2 thoughts on “Monday October 16, 2006

  1. You should work in customer service. You’d be really good at it. Well, at least when the caller had a valid issue. I’m not so sure how you’d fare when a stupid person called in. I know your intolerance for stupidity.

  2. You post on my blog, so I decided you’re more than worth logging on to this site–which will undoubtedly cause my email inbox to be flooded with crap.

    That said, I will tell every bride I talk to to NEVER order from sleekspaces.com, or, for that matter, Sonic.


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