To answer some inevitable questions…

Yesterday was Keith’s birthday. Those pictures were taken at Chili’s here in Fayetteville where we (Karen, Jami, Jeff, Jennifer and me) took Keith for his 29th birthday.

I tried to email the pictures out to everyone and they were too big so I threw them up on the xanga so everyone could enjoy.

GK is not feeling 100% back to his old self– but will be there in no time!

I know this makes two pictures of “me with a baby” in the last week, but here is Lauren Ashlyn Hayes- born September 27. Parents are my friends Shorty and Allison. 


Lauren2 Lauren1  

**Note: The music I’m “currently listening” to is only wishful thinking. I do not actually own this soundtrack– but sincerely wish that I did.**

One thought on “To answer some inevitable questions…

  1. His 29th, eh?  :)

    And I would also love that soundtrack! “Somebody’s got to nail that girl’s fins to the floor!”

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