…Sonic strikes again!

Despite my bad experiences, I have been patronizing the Johnson Sonic nearly every morning the last several weeks. I push the button, order my Large Diet Coke and move on with my day. Those of you who read my previous Sonic rant know that I have given up ordering food and Sonic Cards from this particular location as they are clearly not ready.

But, I have always given them the benefit of the doubt with the pop. Until today. I ordered my Diet Coke as usual. It came to the car in record time, and surprisingly enough was not covered on the outside with pop– I love those days. I had the car in gear, ready to drive the last 1/2 mile to work when I decided to enjoy my first sip of DC for the day and… EEWWW! REAL Coke!  Unfortunately for the nice boy who brings me my drink every morning, merely pressing the “Diet” indention on the lid of my cup– does not make it so.  I pull back into the spot,  push the button and politely explain what has happened. They unnecessarily send the manager out with my Diet Coke– I may have developed a reputation.

I cannot be the only person in NWA falling victim to this Sonic. Do other people just deal with it and move on? I’m sorry, but if I’m spending $1.65 a day on a Diet Coke that costs approx 12 cents to produce– I want DIET Coke.

I have a story about the fools at the Dillard’s Clinique cosmetics counter– but I’ll save it for tomorrow. It’s a goody.

Also! I forgot to include this picture last week. This is Devon’s baby Ella. I went to visit the Tuckers last weekend when we were in LR for the wedding.


2 thoughts on “You knew it was coming…

  1. Seriously, Sarah….stop at the Golden Corral instead, it’s even closer to work for you…you are going to have a coronary if you continue patronizing that particular Sonic…!!!

  2. Sonic should not be this much of a hassle.  We should TP the place next time I’m in town.

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