Wednesday August 30, 2006

…and it has been one big thorn in my side.

I LOVE Sonic. And I was really, really excited when one opened literally on my way to work– I don’t have to get off the highway, nothing– I just turn into Sonic for my Diet Coke and go on to work. It’s not on a major street so it’s not busy, yadda yadda. 

Yesterday morning I was getting to work early to finish some things before a meeting and I stopped at Sonic at 7:30ish. They open at 6am– by the way. I order a large Diet Coke, a breakfast burrito (which are not quite as good as Frito Burritos, but close) and a Sonic Card (for my Secret Pal at work). The manager comes over the speaker to tell me he’s terribly sorry, but they are “getting a late start today” and the grill is not hot and they cannot make me a burrito. Ok. Fine. Diet Coke and a Sonic Card, please. He comes back to tell me that “the satellite is not functioning this morning” and I cannot have a Sonic Card. Ok. Diet Coke, then. (At this point, I am certain they are not going to charge me for the pop, but sure enough!) I have been around long enough to know that sometimes things just don’t line up correctly and things go wrong– I am very understanding, very nice, and I go to work.

So I’m very busy yesterday and don’t want to leave for lunch. My friend Allison is meeting her Mom for lunch and I get her to stop at Sonic on her way back and pick me up a Frito Burrito and a Diet Coke. I specify No Onions on the Burrito. [For those of you who may not know what a Frito Burrito is, you are SO missing out on the latest gift from God. It’s Fritos, chili and cheese wrapped up in a tortilla and it is heaven. I have been known to eat them for lunch and supper.] So it’s nearly 2:00 yesterday, Allison comes back with my Frito Burrito. I am so excited and hungry and I open it to re-wrap it and make sure none of the Frito goodness leaks out– and when I do I notice that there is (likely) an entire onion chopped up in there! I can’t eat this! Allison feels bad. She claims she told them no onions. I tell her my story from that morning and she tells me she went to the SAME Sonic to get my lunch! This won’t do. I take the burrito, leave work, and drive back to the Sonic (which is only about 2 minutes away from my office). I take the burrito and walk into Sonic– which I don’t even know if you’re allowed to do. I tell the manager, who remembers me from that morning, that I understand that things happen, but that I DO expect him to make it right. He gives me a fresh burrito, a vanilla coke for Allison and a card for a free combo.

I think he should have given me a month’s supply of Frito Burritos…

So THIS morning. I go BACK to the Sonic. I order a Diet Coke, a breakfast burrito and a Sonic Card (which I never got yesterday). The guy tells me that he doesn’t “know how to do Gift Cards” and that “the manager isn’t here right now”. Ok. Fine. Diet Coke and a Burrito. I have somehow chosen the one stall at Sonic that the card reader does not work… Grr… So I have to wait for him to go back in the store, run my card, bring it back to me– like I’m in the Dark Ages… So I eat my cold burrito and go to put the bag on the ledge so that I don’t have to litter my car, but wait! there is no ledge! There is no place to put your garbage so I now have a Sonic bag in my car as a reminder of my new nemesis.

And I’ll probably go back tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Wednesday August 30, 2006

  1. Isn’t life grand?  Aren’t you glad you stayed in school, so you don’t have to work at Sonic — merely “put up” with those that do!

  2. That’s why you should go to Subway from now on.  It’s WAY GOODER than Sonic.  Except for the Route 44 Cherry Limeade.  That’s good.

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