Yah! Long Weekend!

Don and Keith had company in town from Dallas for the weekend. Scott, Melinda and Michelle.  Saturday, we spent the day at the pool.

Saturday night, Jeff and I went to a poker game at Shorty and Allison’s house. Allison works with me at Saatchi.

Sunday, we had big plans to meet at Keith and Don’s at noon to get to the river by one oclock. Needless to say, getting nine people in one place on time and ready to go– ain’t easy. We headed back to the Elk River in Noel, Missouri with Jennifer and Luke.

We managed to make it down the river before dark.

Yesterday, Don and crew went to Eureka for the day and got back in time for us to start cooking dinner around 8:30. Don always makes yummy food and we always eat too much! Josh and Cindy came over, LaTresa brought her friend Heath, and Scott- the Pyrotechnic Genius!- was in charge of fireworks. We got a late start on the fireworks and didn’t make many friends with the neighbors by shooting them off at nearly midnight! But, Dad, I got to use the “Fireworks” setting on my camera!

Roman Candles!

Don, LaTresa, Heath and Keith.

Yah! Fun weekend!

Trying something new with the pictures today. Let me know what you think. At the top left of your page, you should see a tab called “photos”. Click here to view more photos of the weekend. I only put a few on this main page. Feel free to leave comments about this new system, and you can also leave comments on each photo.

Happy 4th of July!

One thought on “Tuesday July 4, 2006

  1. I loved the “extra” pictures.  Glad you had a great 4th.  Did you run into any of Grandma’s Seafood Gumbo?

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