Didn’t do much Friday, thus no pictures. Saturday, however, was a different story. I worked at Outback, but got done pretty early. Beth’s sisters were in town so I met them at Noodles to say hi. Then, I met the boys at Brewski’s. Several weeks ago Keith signed up for a Karaoke contest at You Know, Unos! and has been chickening out of competing ever since. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of hearing GK sing, it’s really incredible and we were all encouraging him to sing.  Last night was his last chance to enter the contest, and he agreed to enter. We walked over to Uno’s and the fun started…

Keith sang “God Bless the USA” for the contest.  The crowd got to vote, but you had to buy a drink at the bar to get a ballot, so we were doing our part… Keith didn’t place in the top three, so clearly the contest was rigged. But! the fun was just beginning– We originally met Rosemary at Brewski’s earlier in the night. She was “feeling no pain” and having a seriously good time. The following pictures really don’t do it justice– I tried to take video with my camera, but have not figured out how to include that here.

Rosemary is the one with “the earrings”.

At this point, Rosemary was on the floor. We mostly enjoyed this group from afar– I don’t know the names of anyone else in these photos, but Rosemary was the life of the party. I don’t think she ever actually sang, but tried her best to be part of every karaoke performance.

Above is Keith and Cindy. And below, Keith Beth and Don at Brewski’s.  

Today, we tried to see Pirates of the Caribbean– apparently, so did the rest of NW Arkansas… We’ll try again someday.

I am somewhat discouraged by the lack of feedback on the last blog or two– I know people are reading! So those of you in Georgia, Alabama, Texas, or South Dakota– leave a message!


2 thoughts on “Sunday July 9, 2006

  1. IT WAS RIGGED…!!!!!  I sang my heart out…!!!!  I sang that song specifically for Momma Martin…..and they shut me down….probably due to the fact that during the second verse Daddy’s voice decided to head for the hills…a week-long sinus infection does wonders for the voice…course it didn’t stop me from sucking down the cigarettes and Red Bull and Vodka…!!!  I’VE GOT MY PRIORITIES…!!! 

  2. I, too, am waiting to see Pirates.  I’m not a fan of waiting in a long nerd line and then having to fist fight someone for a decent seat.. It just ruins the whole experience. 

    And you still have my baby sunblock.

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