Sunday June 25, 2006

We met up with Andrew at Powerhouse and went to see Iris– our favorite bartender at Jose’s.

And Saturday, Keith and Don joined us to float the Elk River in Missouri–

Laura, Becky and I picked out Don’s supercool shades at the River Ranch store. This shuttle is the very place where we originally met the infamous Torrie.

Below are a few of the new friends we met at the river.

Sunday, the girls and I went to see Cars. Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beamer. Then we went to the mall to “hang out”. We spent some time in the arcade.

And we went to Keith and Don’s for supper. Keith is recovering from the river adventure. He got quite the sunburn– and Don and Becky tipped over (at least) 4 times… but everyone had a good time.


Yah! Fun weekend! The girls go home tomorrow– but we had such a good time. They think the weather is so nice here!!

Taking a poll: On a scale of 1 to 10, how closely does Taylor Hicks resemble Keith Wilson?


5 thoughts on “Sunday June 25, 2006

  1. On a scale of 1-10?  About a 2..!!  The only thing Keith and Taylor have in common is the gray hair…Keith is MUCH better looking….didn’t you see the pic of him half naked???  hehe..!!  I think Keith bares a much closer resemblance to say…um…Charles Atlas??!!!

  2. Who is Taylor Wilson? 

  3. I hate you for posting that picture…    seriously.

  4. I’m not sure if that is an insult to Taylor Hicks, or Keith…

  5. I couldn’t have asked for a better canoe partner…good times!

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