Monday June 26, 2006

That post may have attracted more comments than any of my posts in the history of xanga. I can’t remember. I am in the process of posting the rest of the pictures of the weekend to a Flickr account. Wish me luck.

Please read THIS.

And watch THIS. is one of my favorite blogs. Those of you who have worked in the bar/restaurant/service industry will deeply appreciate the reality of Waiter’s ranting, and the rest of you will enjoy it, too. Once in a while he hits on something for which you want to applaud. It’s worth a look. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Monday June 26, 2006

  1. The WaiterRant thing was spot on.  I laugh my butt off anytime I see idiots walking around with the bluetooth wireless earpiece in their ear, but they’re not even talking on it.

    The angry chinaman?  Retarded and a waste of time.  You owe me 6 minutes of life back for watching that.

  2. I love the WaiterRant — especially if you have to say “Can you hear me now?” five times.  THEY CAN’T — hang up!!!

  3. I loved the waiterrant too!  having waited tables for most of my working years till now, i completely understood.  I’m doing well.  I just graduated from Hendrix last month and moved to Abilene TX with my boyfriend.  He flies C130s here at Dyess AFB.  We’ve been dating a little over 7 months and hes a really good guy. We’re trying to keep the relationship casual.  I am trying to figure out what i want to do with my life and finding it difficult!  (especially with a degree in Theater!  sheesh) I do, however, have an interview with Big Brothers Big Sisters today, for an actual position, not just to volunteer, so that might be promising.  Otherwise, i’m just having fun with my new puppy and being lazy and enjoying that grace period before my student loans kick in!   How are you?

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