Tuesday May 2, 2006

With all due respect to you honors students out there– it’s not the only route through life! I ran into my former Honors Advisor at Powerhouse last Friday night. He stopped over to say hello– he was there with graduating students who had started out in the Honors program in ’02. He was sure to let me know the current “drop-out rate” of the program and ask me to remind him of what year I came in– and then let me know the drop-out rate of that year. He asked me to take a group photo of his class– most of which were completely hammered (Adam Ward was in the group :) and then asked me when I am graduating. I proudly let him know that not only have I already graduated, but am currently employed– all without the help of “Honors” beside my name. Now. Granted– Honors couldn’t have hurt my chances of success, but I am tired of running into him every 6 months so that he can give me that disappointed side-to-side, bowed-head shake and remind me that I didn’t make straight-As in college. People do succeed with qualifications other than GPA! For gosh sakes, you can graduate from the United States Military Academy with less than a 2.0. Obviously I’m not the only one who thinks that grades aren’t the most important indicator of ability or intelligence. Bleh!

On a lighter note, I had Salvadorian food for lunch today at Sabor Latino– which is in a shady looking motel in Springdale (which I have come to understand is where all really great restaurants are found– in a shady looking motel, not necessarily in Springdale). I had a “popusa”– which is pretty much a pancake with pork, beans and cheese cooked into it– and a cheese enchilada. It was yummy. No pictures, though! I just thought of that. We’ll go again– pictures next time.

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday May 2, 2006

  1. I can’t believe you ate at Sabor Latino. I used to eat there with Kyle Pryor and Morgan Keener all the time. I hope you ate them correctly with the cabbage stuff and tomato sauce. Also, it’s “pupusa.” I heart Sabor Latino.

  2. I’m glad you graduated, too!!  And……I DO think you are smart!!!!

  3. That meal sounds WAY disgusting.  Pork cooked into a pancake?? I’m about to gag… Stick with the cheese enchiladas.

  4. PS- I got an 80% on “the quiz”!!  Sadly, I missed the capital of Kentucky.  :(    Maybe I’m not cut out for honors either?

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