Sunday May 7, 2006

Went to Powerhouse for Cinco de Mayo. Good music, no dancing for us, but it was fun. This is the closest thing to Mariachis we have in Fayetteville!

Big papa.

Everything was fine until Keith spotted this lady:

So of course, we had to make friends with her…

Below, is a pic of Keith and LaTresa, they work together at Robert Half. Yah new job!

This is for Laura. I stopped in the middle of traffic in front of the Law School to take this. It screams Llaura.

Also– I was “flipped-off” not once, but TWICE today while driving. BOTH times I was 100% in the right. I could TEACH driving school…

6 thoughts on “Sunday May 7, 2006

  1. YAY!  Scooter!  And I can only imagine the conversation Keith had with that woman…  :)

  2. Trust me, Laura…the conversation was not NEARLY as interesting as the woman’s choice of wardrobe….!!  Can’t wait to see you…!!

  3. Sarah-  you are forbidden to post any future pics of “big poppa” unless he is wearing black or hidden behind a fence like “Mr. Wilson”.

  4. Yah! GK figured out how to use xanga comments! I LOVE those pictures and I had some printed for you. XOXO

  5. I must admit — Keith’s new “friend” certainly looks better from the front than the rear!!!  One question — does this women KNOW you were taking a picture of her backside and that it is on your website????  (oops — two questions — sorry!)

  6. Couple things: there are MANY pictures of this lady (most not posted). It was THAT funny. And the picture posted above– Keith was not zoomed in- he was actually that close to her! As far as I know, she’s not aware that we took pictures of her butt, but I also don’t think prudence and privacy were her goals… You don’t wear pants like that if you’re trying to blend in.

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