Saturday May 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Don! Keith threw a birthday party for Don last night at Powerhouse (where else??). Pictures! [Keith is all about the blog lately– and everytime I take a picture he tells me “that better go on the blog!” ] However, at this particular party– there were a few photos that aren’t rated G and will be emailed to the guilty parties to do with what they please….

These pictures of Don and Keith and then Don and Cindy are from Thursday night (Don’s actual birthday) when we had a “practice” party.

Now the Party pics–



2 thoughts on “Saturday May 13, 2006

  1. I don’t even wanna know how Big Papa got all those beads…   Happy Birthday, Don!!  I can’t wait to see everybody!

  2. The way I got those beads was probably captured on film; however, those are the pics Sarah referred to as “non-g-rated”..!!!  Just kidding…!!  We had a blast…wish you could have been there, Laura and Becky..!!!

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