Sunday April 23, 2006

Pictures of my last two weekends–

Easter weekend we went to the races with 72,000 other people in Hot Springs.

Below is the Arkansas Derby Winner — Lawyer Ron, who we picked to win! (Unfortunately, so did everyone else…)

So, this weekend, I had to work Saturday but not till late, so we went to Keith and Don’s for “Assemble-the-Gazebo Day”. They ordered a gazebo about a year ago and we’ve been talking about putting it up for almost as long– and yesterday Jeff and I went over to “help”. The first few pictures are taken from lawn chairs in the grass, “supervising” the project. As things progressed, we had to get up and lend a hand. It turned out great, and now there’s shade in the backyard! (For the DOGS!) We decided we can have our own Party on the Patio now.

AND– according to the Sopranos Gangster Name Generator– my Gangster name is “Tommy Finger Food.” FYI

One thought on “Sunday April 23, 2006

  1. I want to be Rocky Cough Drops!

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