Monday April 3, 2006

Why can’t Sunday last all week? Sunday is my favorite day. I don’t work. I don’t even really shower unless I have to… Most times we get up and go to Outback for lunch, come home and take a nap, watch TV from the couch all day. Yesterday I also went grocery shopping and cleaned the bathroom and went to see Keith and Don and ACE! Then West Wing and Sopranos and Big Love are on all in a row. Iron clothes for the next few days and go to bed early. Fall asleep watching Seinfeld reruns. And now it’s Monday…

Had a good Saturday at the restaurant. Though that shift seems to get longer and longer every week. I get there at noon and leave after the dinner rush– which could be 9, could be 10. I’ve stayed til close before. But it’s only once a week. Thank goodness.

One thought on “Monday April 3, 2006

  1. You cleaned your bathroom?!  Wow.  I wish I could enjoy sundays that much.  :(

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