Monday April 10, 2006

Fun Weekend!

Friday was “Project Blue Sky” at Saatchi. For a few hours Friday afternoon, everyone from my office brought their families, kids, dogs and whatnot to the field between Saatchi and Lewis and Clark to fly kites, eat hotdogs and have fun. I went to get Ace (who Keith claims is now his dog…) and he got to make all kinds of new friends.  After that, Jeff’s office was going out to celebrate the end of walk-in advising and Autumn called so I tagged along. We went to Jose’s and then met Keith at Powerhouse where he was celebrating his NEW JOB  (not that Keith needs an excuse to celebrate…)! The party moved to the Karaoke Bar and the rest is photographic history…

then on Saturday I had to work.

But Sunday! Andrew and I went to see “Failure to Launch” which was surprisingly good. And we have plans to see a double feature not this Sunday but the next– We’re going to spend the whole day at the movies and see Ice Age and Aquamarine. Don’t be jealous.

I am very sleepy today.


One thought on “Monday April 10, 2006

  1. Tell Keith I LOVE his hair!!  And you all better be ready to karaoke again when I get there…

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