Wednesday March 1, 2006

Happy March!

In like a lion… out like a lamb…

It is approximately 66 degrees and gorgeous outside. I feel like spending time outside and I HATE spending time outside. It really is nice out.

and my MOM comes home this weekend!!

I had to get a new “temporary tag” on my car because last Friday was the first nice-weather day after the snow got my new car all dirty so I decided to go through the car wash. Yeah, the tag didn’t make it to the other side. But I will be getting a real tag soon enough.

and my MOM comes home this weekend!!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday March 1, 2006

  1. I’m not sure, but I think your mom comes home this weekend !!!!  You might want to check it out.   Actually that is only part of the story.  “MY WIFE” comes home this weekend.     Love ya… 

  2. My MOM is coming home, too!! 

  3. Your Mom got home and she can’t wait til you get “home”!

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