Monday March 6, 2006

Last night was one of my most favorite nights of the year! And while even I have to admit that the Oscars seems to get longer and more uneventful each year, I was happy enough with the winners. I wanted Reese Witherspoon to win for “Walk the Line” until I saw “Transamerica” on Friday night and it was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised with the movie (and highly recommend it) and am sure that it was a close race between Reese and Felicity Huffman. I have also been raving about “Crash” since I saw it with Laura last fall, and am hoping that now that it won Best Picture more people will go see it. It is worth seeing. Hard to watch, but worth seeing. I have not seen “Brokeback Mountain” so I don’t have an opinion on whether or not it was robbed, but it won Director over Steven Spielberg and that’s saying something.  (and Michelle Williams wore by far the ugliest dress I saw all night.) Best Song has officially become a joke of a category.

See “Transamerica.” See “Walk the Line.” See “Crash!”

One thought on “Monday March 6, 2006

  1. I got to hear all the little details of the Oscars while observing that knee surgery yesterday.  Those surgeons were big movie fans.  :)

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