Tuesday February 28, 2006

i can’t decide which commercial is my favorite. my top 3 are: (in no particular order)

1. the Disney World commercial with the two kids talking in bed about how excited they are about their trip and the mom comes in and tells them to go to sleep and the little boy says “we’re too excited to sleep!” it is heaven.

2. the Super Bowl Budweiser commercial with the baby Clydesdale trying to pull the cart and he’s too small. and the big clydesdales help him push it from behind but he thinks he did it all by himself. it doesn’t make me want to buy beer– but i love it.

3. another Budweiser commercial– the little Clydesdale is running along side the big horses pulling the cart and he can’t keep up– and the big horse turns around and winks at him.

Honorary mention goes to the Geico commercial where the gecko is on a tree limb talking about “pie and chips” and then at the end he leans on the branch and almost falls.

Least favorite is ANY and ALL Burger King commercials. They are unbelievably stupid.

One thought on “Tuesday February 28, 2006

  1. All great nominees… except for the gecko.  He’s faking that accent- and it’s not fooling anyone! 

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