Friday February 3, 2006

LOVING my new job. i still only understand about half of what’s going on– things move really quickly here– but it’s great. i am SO lucky for dust to have settled in such a way that i ended up here.

so… my truck finally died. the engine “locked up” as the guy at University Auto told me. so i am both in the seller’s market with a 16yr-old SUV with over 200,000 miles needing an engine… and in the buyer’s market for something/anything smaller/more efficient… the bad news is i may have used up all of my good luck with the job search. we’ll see.

i went to get my haircut yesterday and i told heather i was kinda missing being blonde. we agreed to put in a few strands of chunky blonde highlights, to re-introduce blonde into my life. so apparently there was a miscommunication somewhere and i’m blonde again– but it’s cute. just kinda drastic– but i’ll get used to it again in no time. PLUS, now i feel like it’s summer!

i miss my dog!

One thought on “Friday February 3, 2006

  1. May your truck rest in peace.  And you’ll never be the “true blonde” of the family- and you know it!

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